EFCoCert Foundation

EFCoCert stays for European Foundation for Competence Certification, with the following profile:

    • Swiss non for profit Foundation, established 2014
    • Dedicated to set & operate (management system or competence) certification schemes in accordance to ISO rules
    • Professionalising the certification scheme management
    • Neutral & independent CB private accreditation & scheme integrity management
    • Mutualising the know-how, tools & costs for scheme owners
    • Participation to and perennation of EU funded (Erasmus+) competence certification schemes
    • Board of stakeholders involving all interested parties
    • 3 members of Board of Foundation:
      1. - Dr Didier Blanc,
        - Stéphane Jacquemart, Secretary
        - Florence Le Lann

EFCoCert Mission

Develop and manage competence certification schemes non-regulated professions in Europe to provide concerned people a recognition and validation of their non-formal and informal learning, enhancing their employability and mobility.

Develop and/or exploit management system certification schemes for assisting scheme owners to professionalize the management and ensure the integrity of the implementation of their scheme.

EFCoCert History

EFCoCert is a non-profit Foundation, constituted in June 2014 in the context of a EU LLP project under the Leonardo da Vinci program.

EFCoCert is also a start-up of the Luxembourg Public Research Center Henri Tudor, (now Luxembourg Institute of Science and technology).

EFCoCert promotes the development and manages the exploitation of ISO 17024  or 17021 compliant certification schemes.

Board of Stakeholders

EFCoCert is managed by a Foundation Council, which is supervised by a Board of Stakeholders.

The Board of Stakeholders prerogatives are to:

  • examine the admissibility of the projects presented by the scheme owners and approve the entry in on these projects;
  • appoint project managers, editorial committee and experts, as proposed by the central secretariat 
  • monitor compliance with the EFCoCert regulation;
  • approve and decide on the publication and / or removal of a scheme;
  • require the scheme owners an annual report on the use of the published schemes;
  • conduct an annual review of the schemes being developed or published;
  • take any action that is necessary to ensure the credibility of the use of published schemes (integrity program);
  • decide how to deal with the certification bodies and corresponding contract model (if applicable);
  • approve the rules of work and the quality management system of the foundation,
  • meet the foundation’s working and ethical rules (without prejudice to the attributions of the potential scientific and ethical committee)
  • approve the applicable fees for certification schemes.

EFCoCert develops and organizes experts committees to guarantee the viability of the certification scheme and recognition of interest to all future certified persons. 

The collective profile of the experts committee complies to the following specifications and competences:

  • technical, managerial and academic expertise of the sector concerned by the scheme project ;
  • experience of national or international standardisation work;
  • representation of all interested parties 
  • control of English and/or development language of the standardisation project