EFCoCert offers the following service to scheme owners :

  • ISO 17021 or ISO 17024 compliant certification scheme development & integrity program
  • Maintenance and update of their certification scheme
  • Elaboration of a suitable business model 
  • Exploitation of certification via CBs network
  • Administration and organisation of experts committees’ activities

EFCoCert can also, through its partnership with ViaSyst, assist and advise scheme owners with the following professional SaaS services:

  • Development & exploitation as a SaaS of IT tools and databases for consistent scheme implementation,
  • Training and monitoring of affiliated CBs,
  • Data exploitation & analysis for CB & auditor/examiner performance monitoring,
  • Running an adapted consistent integrity program.


EFCoCert offers the following services to EU project initiators and project consortiums:

  • Project concept & application for funding to ETP (Education and Training Programme)
  • Project critical review and quality control
  • Selection and contracting of consortium partners 
  • Coordination of project definition 
  • Coordination of project management

EFCoCert is particularly focused on project consortiums aiming at:

  • Developing dematerialized certification schemes
  • Developing online training course material and users’ communities
  • Maintaining and exploiting projects results, ensuring sustainability of EU projects results

More specifically, EFCoCert provides the following support to EU project holders or consortiums:

A. Project proposal & application

  • Advice in the definition of the proposal (objectives, partnerships, activities)
  • Partner identification & selection
  • Project proposal qualitative review
  • Coordination of the project proposal
  • Budget definition
  • Work plan & work packages definition
  • Draft Partnership Agreement

B. Project management

  • Quality and risk management
  • Daily coordination and animation
  • Planning of activities, milestones
  • Meetings preparation, animation & report
  • Dissemination strategy and plan
  • Development and maintenance of project website
  • Budget monitoring and consolidation
  • IPR management and exploitation strategy
  • Interim and final report drafting